Uncovering the Forbidden West in Horizon Forbidden West Main Missions

Horizon Forbidden West is the most desired sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Created through Guerrilla Games, this action role-playing game takes place in an apocalyptic future where machines and humans live together. Players play the character of Aloy who is a young hunter who sets out on a journey to uncover the mysteries to the Forbidden West. While exploring the post-apocalyptic world Aloy will meet dangerous foes and discover new places and discover the secrets that lie within The Forbidden West.

Exploring the Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West takes players to a trip through the post-apocalyptic realm in The Forbidden West. It is the Forbidden West offers a brand new area for players to explore featuring a variety of landscapes, from deserts to mountains, deserts, jungles, and much more. The players will travel through the new terrains, encountering new and formidable enemies and allies. On the way they’ll discover the mysteries that lie within the Forbidden West, and learn about its dark history.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Forbidden West

While players explore their way through Forbidden West, players will discover mysteries, solve puzzles, and discover important artifacts. These objects will reveal the mysteries that lie within the Forbidden West and offer insights into its history. Additionally, players will be capable of upgrading their armor and weapons, and alter their characters according to their preferences.

Battles in the Forbidden West

The Forbidden West is brimming with many opponents for players to fight. They include machines, human beings, to animals and many more. The players will need to utilize their weapons and skills to win the fights in the Forbidden West. They can also utilize the surroundings to their advantage, by using traps, cover and environment to benefit.

The Characters of the Forbidden West

Alongside the enemies they will face within the Forbidden West There are also many characters to interact with. The characters can range from allies to adversaries, and give players numerous tasks, quests and challenges that players must accomplish. Players can establish connections with the characters and be rewarded by completing their missions.

The Storyline of the Forbidden West

The Forbidden West offers a captivating storyline that players have to unravel. As they play the game, they will get new details of the tale, which will allow them to better comprehend the Forbidden West and the motives of the people who live there. The plot is filled with twists and twists, and players are in the driver’s seat as they unravel the mysteries of the Forbidden West.

The Visuals of the Forbidden West

The graphics of Forbidden West are breathtaking and absorbing. The game offers stunning and realistic environments featuring stunning landscapes, dynamic weather, and a myriad of characters and creatures. The visuals are a living and breathing world and create a truly thrilling experience for players.


Horizon Forbidden West is a exciting adventure through an apocalyptic post-apocalyptic landscape. The players will travel through in the Forbidden West, face formidable enemies, unravel its secrets, and learn about the dark side of its past. With an intriguing plot with stunning graphics, as well as many settings and characters, Horizon Forbidden West is certain to be an engaging and thrilling experience.

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