Crypto Scammers Preying on Japanese Singles of All Ages

• Crypto scammers are targeting elderly Japanese singles on social media and dating apps.
• Scammers are directing their victims onto bogus crypto trading platforms and offering “crypto mining packages” with “guaranteed” monthly earnings.
• The government is responding by providing more financial education to junior and senior high school students.

Crypto Scammers Targeting Elderly Japanese Singles

Crypto scammers have been preying on elderly Japanese individuals who use online dating services and social media sites. Middle-aged lonely hearts have also found themselves in the cross-hairs of fraudsters. And there are even reports of younger people being targeted by these scams.

Schemes Offered To Victims

The schemes involve convincing victims to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) using certain platforms or buy „crypto mining packages“ that offer „guaranteed“ monthly earnings. Some scammers even pose as wealthy, attractive young men in order to dupe women into signing up for „bogus“ crypto investment training sessions.

Government Response

In response to this scam epidemic, the government has increased its provision of financial education to junior and senior high school students in Japan. This is intended to teach them how to stay vigilant against crypto scams and other fraudulent activities online.

Advice From Financial Advisor

Kuroiwa Yasushi, a financial advisor, has advised single elderly people to be cautious when using chat apps as they become increasingly vulnerable targets for crypto asset scammers. He also warned them of the dangers posed by such schemes and urged them not to fall prey to them if contacted by any suspicious persons online.

Example Of A Victim

Kuroiwa gave an example of one of his clients – a man in his 60s – who was contacted by a woman on a dating app asking him to invest in BTC via a certain platform. Fortunately, Kuroiwa managed to help the client recognize the suspicious nature of this person before any money was lost or stolen from him through fraudulent means.

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